Risk Management Course

Risk Management Course in Dubai
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Topics Covered

  • Foundation Concepts;
  • Risk Governance;
  • Risk Communication;
  • Plan Risk Management;
  • Identify Risks;
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis;
  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis;
  • Plan Risk Responses;
  • Monitor and Control Risks.

About Risk Management Course

Risks accompany all activities of any organization operating in market conditions. Factors specific to the current state of the UAE and world economy, adversely affect the performance of organizations and often threaten the very business. In recent times, there is a clear trend of integration of information security into the overall management structure of the business risk in connection with the increased influence of external and internal threats to the company. To improve the efficiency of companies on one hand and ensuring appropriate levels of protection on the other hand, special attention must be paid to risk analysis and management.

The main goal of the risk management course in Dubai is studying world best practices of risk management in the organization, the acquisition of solid skills in the practical application of techniques to information risk assessment and management. The course elaborates on methods of minimizing risk to an acceptable level, the selection and use of information technologies and instruments of control.

After finishing risk management course in Dubai, students will get a good understanding of risk assessment processes, and will learn the methodology of risk management. Despite the complexity and importance of the topic and possible obstacles to the implementation of progressive policies and practices in this field, professionals will be able to quickly obtain positive results.

Risk Management Course in Dubai

Our company’s main aim is to do everything possible in order to get you acquainted with risk management.

The duration of the course is 30 hours.

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