Human Factors in Patient Safety Course

Human Factors in Patient Safety Course
October 04, 2018 October 05, 2018
AED 1500 AED 3000

Human Factors in Patient Safety is the scientific discipline which is interested in the different factors which influence behaviour. These include environmental, organisational and job factors as well as individual characteristics which may influence a person’s behaviour. Combined, these factors can ultimately have an impact on health and safety.

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Topics Covered

  • Identifying critical incidents, their causes and implications

  • Understanding of emotions, their impact on others and how they affect performance

  • Improve effectiveness in:

    • Communication

    • Influencing

    • Relationship management

    • Solving problems

    • Managing conflict

  • Understanding behavioural preferences and how they impact on others

  • Exploring the nature of other’s behavioural preferences looking at their strengths and their shortcomings

  • Developing action steps and techniques to work with people under stress and to enhance interactions

  • Applications in self-development and improving personal effectiveness

About Human Factors in Patient Safety

Unfortunately human error cannot be completely avoided; even the most highly trained professional can still make mistakes. This interactive training course will highlight the factors that can influence people and their behaviour and with a clear understanding of human factors, teams can be more aware of potential threats and minimise errors.

This course examines when and where things go wrong, the root causes of error and what can be done in managing these situations when faced with the stresses and strains of everyday work.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • To learn skills in reducing medical errors .
  • Manage and influence team member behaviour.
  • Improve performance of teams under stress.
  • master skills of delivering safe and efficient medical services through problem solving techniques and conflict management.
  • Design implementation plans to improve effcetctivness and performance of the healthcare team.
Human Factors in Patient Safety Course in Dubai

Course Schedule

  • October 2018

Course Venue

Abu Dhabi

Method of Instruction

  • Theory
  • Workshop
  • Case studies
  • Discussion
  • Role play

Course Material

  • Lectures of the course
  • Course completion certificate from the UK
  • CME Course certificate with 12 CME

Course Fee

Promotional Price of AED 1500
Regular Registration Price AED 3000
(prices are subject to 5% VAT)

Program Instructor

Robin Hills program instructor

Robin Hills

A science graduate and Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma holder, Robin has over 35 years’ experience as a successful commercial, project management, coach, recruitment, and leadership/management specialist. Robin specialises in training, coaching and personal development focused around emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience. His personable style and energy create an atmosphere in training and facilitation sessions that brings the best out of each individual and allows delegates to flourish and grow.


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