Project Management for Non-Project Managers

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Project Management CoursesProject management is an area of professional activities aimed at achieving clearly identified objectives of the project and receipt of a product, with the appropriate planning, allocation and use of resources, risks and quality, as well as the timing of the project. Resources in this context include funds, personnel, materials, space, energy sources and so on. Of particular importance in this are components such as careful planning, risk management and deviations from the plan, as well as skillful management of changes. You will be able to master all these aspects if you visit our project management courses in Dubai! More than that - you have a unique opportunity to attend six sigma certification in Dubai! All you need to do is just call Eatimad Institute.

The concept of the project involves a special process, which is a collection of managed and interrelated activities conducted within a specified time frame. This process aims at achieving a clearly defined goal and getting that special product. The goal is subordinated to known requirements, which are based on limitations in the quality, cost, resources and time.

As we see, there are a lot of moments, which should be taken into consideration while managing the project. And how will you handle your project management team, when you have little or no prior knowledge of project management? This is the moment when Eatimad Training Center comes to the rescue!

Project Management Courses in Dubai

Project managerWe are ready to offer project management courses in Dubai for non-project managers in order for them to get acquainted with this sphere of work. With our help, you will master the principles and practices of effective project management! More than that - Eatimad Training Center is also ready to help you with six sigma certification in Dubai.

Eatimad Training Center offers:

  • A wide range of modern equipment, used in the learning process;
  • Professional tutors with rich experience in the field of project management;
  • Affordable prices for the courses of project management for non-project managers.

The duration of courses is 14 hours.

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