Basic Life Support (BLS)

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›This course is an intensive Basic Life Support Course designed to give the participant knowledge and skills to confidently manage any medical emergency where proper use of BLS skills are required. 

››The  course is designed to provide and enhance BLS knowledge in different critical situations such as Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the Need for CPR, ILCOR Guidelines, Single Rescuer BLS Practice, Stopping CPR and Multiple Rescuer BLS, BLS in Special Circumstances and Foreign Body Airway Obstruction.

The ASHI BLS Certification is recognized by MOH, HAAD, DHA and DCAS (Dubai Corporation and Ambulance Service).

Eatimad is the major BLS training provider in UAE, We have been conducting the basic life support course for several year in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Northern Emirates. The BLS course in Dubai is conducted on on weekly bases at Eatimad center or in-house.

Topics Covered›

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Early CPR-AED
  • ›Adult/Pediatric Chain of Survival
  • ›Blood Bourne Pathogens/ Universal Precautions/ P.P.E.
  • ›Current ILCOR Guidelines/ Importance of Chest Compressions/ R.O.S.C.
  • ›Adult/Child/Infant Single Rescuer Chest Compressions
  • ›Single Rescuer Providing Breaths with Barrier Devices and Mouth to Mouth
  • ›Normal Recovery and H.A.I.N.E.S. Positions
  • ›When to Stop CPR/Complications of CPR/BLS and Obvious Signs of Death
  • ›Bag Valve Mask
  • ›Automated External Defibrillators
  • ›2 Thumbs Encircling Compressions
  • ›Multiple Rescuer BLS

›BLS in Special Circumstances 

  • Adult/Pediatric Respiratory Arrest (Rescue Breathing)

  • CPR with Advance Airway(s)

  • CPR and Drowning

  • CPR and Pregnancy

  • CPR and Ventilated Patients

›Foreign Body Airway Obstr

  • Adult Mild/Severe Blockage

  • Child Mild/Severe Blockage

  • Infant Mild/Severe Blockage
Self Relief 

Course duration:

  • ›1 Day

Course Material:

  • ›ASHI (American Safety and Health Institute) BLS Certification with 7.75 CME hours
  • ›Pocket Reference Card from ASHI
  • ›CPR Pocket Mask
  • ›BLS for Healthcare Providers E-Manual

Method of instruction

  • ›Theory sessions
  • ›Discussion sessions
  • ›Question and answer sessions
  • ›Practice P.P.E skills
  • ›Practice individual skills 

Who Should Attend

  • BLS Course is designed for all healthcare professionals including but not limited to :
  • ›Laboratory professionals
  • ›Nurses
  • ›Physicians
  • ›Dentists
  • ›Dental assistants
  • ›Pharmacists
  • ›Paramedics
  • ›Allied healthcare professionals